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Jesus is risen, Rejoice!

"We are Easter people, and Alleluia is our song," cried St. Augustine. Christ has overcome death, and we are invited to see life anew.

Give thanks for the resurrection of Jesus. In the power of the Holy Spirit, raise us with Christ that we may proclaim healing and hope. God is making all things new.  


  • Rise with the sun and be filled with the light of Christ's new life.

  • Enjoy an Easter egg hunt. Invite a friend to join your family virtually for this fun.

  • Have a virtual Easter meal. Invite and gather with family members and friends online who might be alone.

  • What clothing will you wear to celebrate? Will you wear an Easter hat?

  • Place alleluias made yesterday in windows, take a picture and post them social media

Extend God's Love
Take photos of your Easter celebrations and post them on social media. Use the hashtags:

Easter Offering

As we move through Holy Week, your Cathedral clergy and staff are fully engaged in ministry. The pastoral care, outreach, worship, and formation ministries of the Cathedral are offering hope each day. Supporting the Cathedral ministries is as important as ever. Each year, our Easter Offering is an important part of our Holy Week observance. Though we are unable to make our Easter Offering in person, you can make your offering in any of these ways:

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