Christ Church Cathedral serves a unique ministry in the heart of Lexington. Everyone can find a place for involvement and service as we seek to extend God’s love made known in Jesus Christ.


The mission of Christ Church Cathedral is to restore all persons to unity with God and one another in Christ Jesus, through prayer, worship, proclamation of the Gospel, and the promotion of Justice, Peace and Love.

If you would like to know more about the Cathedral, please call Assistant to the Dean and Rector for Welcome and Community Diane Milburn at 859-254-4497 or email her at dmilburn@ccclex.org to set up an appointment.

The Very Reverend Carol Wade

Dean & Rector of Christ Church Cathedral



Our Mission
We Are a People of Prayer and Action, Offering God’s Love to All

Our Vision
A World Where People Experience God’s Transforming Love

Our Core Values
We Celebrate God
We are passionate about our historic and traditional worship and music and the ancient sacraments of baptism and communion. As followers of Jesus, our faith guides what we do together. Our love of God is visible through worship, music, preaching, teaching, contemplation, and the creative arts.

We Invite All
We invite others to experience God’s transforming love. As a people of invitation, we offer a spiritual home for all people. We are a non-judgmental, inclusive and welcoming community where all can find a place to belong.

We Connect Lives
We are a welcoming and caring spiritual home where everyone is valued and everyone is important.  We are concerned for one another inside and outside our church home, and we care for one another.

We Nurture Faith
We value all generations. We provide a nurturing environment in which to explore one’s spirituality and grow in faith. We uplift and support our children, youth, and families, offering a space for all to engage in meaningful spiritual practices.

We Share Our Gifts
We believe what Scripture confirms: All that we have is a gift from God.  As a people of prayer and action, we generously share our time, talent and financial resources to fulfill God’s vision.

We Serve the World
We are a compassionate community that engages in significant, tangible outreach to the greatest needs of our city, diocese and world. We serve as a gathering place in times of celebration and challenge.  We respect the dignity of all and work for social justice and reconciliation.


Christ Church Cathedral | 166 Market Street | Lexington, KY  40507
(859) 254-4497 | dmilburn@ccclex.org
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