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Join us for an inspiring journey of faith as we explore the transformative power of generosity. In this special sermon series, "Rooted in Generosity," we will reflect on the profound impact of a giving heart on our lives and the world around us and how acts of generosity can deepen our spiritual roots and nourish our souls. 

Whether you're seeking a more meaningful connection with your faith, looking to make a positive difference in the lives of others, or simply desiring a more fulfilling life, "Rooted in Generosity" will provide valuable insights and practical guidance to help you cultivate a spirit of generosity that truly transforms lives.

Together, let's learn how to be "Rooted in Generosity" and make a lasting impact in our community and beyond.

Past Sermon Series

Why church sermon series new.jpg

For thousands of years people around the world have been asking: Why Church? In our new sermon series, we’ll endeavor to answer that very question!  "Why Church?" is an invitation to unpack the joys, challenges, and mysteries of “Church” where we can experience the transcendence of God and receive fresh courage to meet life with hope and love.

Power of Connection square summer.jpg

When we come together, united by authentic relationships, we can accomplish spiritual growth, well-being, and even greatness beyond what we could ever accomplish alone. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Building Hope dates only.jpg

Easter is a season of hope, not wishful thinking, but a living hope, because in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, God delivers, and new life abounds. That’s a big claim, so let’s explore true hope and how to receive it as we begin a new sermon series, Building Hope.

practicing compassion square dates.jpg

Like a loving parent, God looks upon us with unending compassion and cherishes all. Practicing compassion calls us to see the world as God sees us. To prayerfully feel the suffering and brokenness and take concrete actions for its healing. In Lent, we will explore this through three spiritual practices traditionally named: Fasting (reducing distractions that separate us from God’s love), Prayer (meditation, mindfulness, and attending worship), and Almsgiving (financial generosity and loving service for those in need).   

epiphany sermon series square.jpg

In this season of Epiphany, as Jesus calls us to carry God's light in the world, we begin a new sermon series, Courageous Living, exploring spiritual sources for inspiration and courage and how small people can accomplish great things with God's help. It's a time for all ages to celebrate love, wonder, and joy and courageously carry God's love into the world.

practicing simplicity teaser square.jpg

Advent, the four weeks leading to Christmas, is a season brimming with contrasting emotions. We are excited yet frazzled, cheerful yet lonely. As the world speeds up, Advent reminds us to slow down and be mindful of God’s call to care for ourselves and others. In this beautifully counter-cultural season, Advent invites us to practice simplicity from the inside out as God kindles the flame of joy and peace among us.

be inspired cover square.jpg

Inspiration is a gift from God that makes us feel fully alive, yet it can also feel fleeting and elusive. If you would like to grow in inspiration, there is hope. Join us as we reflect on the surprising ways God can and does inspire our lives.

thrive sermon series banner no words.png

We all know that thriving is more than surviving.  In all of life’s encounters God is calling us into something better, fuller and more holy. 

End of Anxiety Seriescover.jpg

When worry and stress overwhelm us, what are we to do? Join as we explore how we can find joy and peace.

Live Differently Series plain.jpg

Lent is a season in which we invite the Holy Spirit to renew our character and commitment to God's call to care for each other and serve the world. Above all, Lent is a time to begin a life-changing journey for ourselves and the world.

the light sermon series.jpg

The season of Epiphany is more than a bridge between the celebration of Christmas and the solemnity of Lent – it is a season of newness – a new year and growing light. 

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