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Reunion: God's Purpose for the Human Family

Summer is a time for family reunions, which can be fun, and even challenging because we all have some dysfunction in our families. We all have stories that we'd rather not tell. In our sermon series, Reunion: God's Purpose for the Human Family, we discover God's chosen family—those first generations of Israel--had struggles, secrets, sibling rivalries, and even threats of murder.

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Current Series Sermons


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Sunday's worship

You will not be forsaken

Reunion | Sunday, August 9

Wrestling with God

Reunion | Sunday, August 2

Let Love be the Law of the Land

Reunion | Sunday, July 26

Plenty Good Room

Reunion | Sunday, July 12

Unconditionally Blessed

Reunion | Sunday, July 19

Covenant Keepers

Reunion | Sunday, July 5

Unbinding Issac

Reunion | Sunday, June 28

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