Gifted by God

We are blessed with incredible gifts for building God’s new world.  When we embrace God’s hope for the generous sharing of our gifts, amazing things happen in our church, city, and beyond.  Lives are blessed, people healed, and communities restored.  For 225 years, the people of Christ Church Cathedral have been sharing their gifts and changing lives. God gives you gifts and talents to benefit others. And God gives other people talents and gifts that benefit you. How is God uniquely gifting you?  What gift is God calling you to share? Because when we harness our gifts together, God can do more in us than we can imagine!

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Past Sermons


The Gift of Loving Service
Gifted by God | Sunday, October 3

The Gift of a Faithful Guide
Gifted by God | Sunday, September 26

The Gift of Kind Words
Gifted by God | Sunday, September 12

Every Perfect Gift
Gifted by God | Sunday, August 29

Extending Connection
Life Together | Sunday, August 15

The Gift of Gentle Wisdom
Gifted by God | Sunday, September 19

The Gift of Hope
Gifted by God | Sunday, September 5

Challenge and Strength
Life Together | Sunday, August 22

Intimacy with God
Life Together | Sunday, August 8