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Christ Church Cathedral
Holtkamp Organ

The present Cathedral organ was built by Walter Holtkamp Sr. of Cleveland, Ohio. The organ is an outstanding example of the “American classic” ideal, set forth during a 30-year period beginning in 1930 by G. Donald Harrison of Aeolian Skinner, Boston and Walter Holtkamp.

The organ is designed to play the entire repertoire convincingly, lead congregational hymn singing and accompany the unique sound of the Cathedral choirs.

The organ includes several different and colorful flute stops, generously scaled and clear voiced principals, broad and bold reed tone, and warm strings. The pedal division includes five stops at sixteen- foot pitch.

In 1999, the Holtkamp Organ Company, completely renovated the console, added solid-state combination action, re-leathered the electro-pneumatic chests and added a new Festival Trumpet.

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