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age 4 - 5th Grade

We believe that children come into this world already knowing God! It is our goal to create spaces for them to explore that relationship with their hands, hearts and minds.


Relax! God put the wiggles and giggles in children. We're glad you're here! 

Activity packets are available at the back of the church during each service, but we also have several other opportunities designed with kids in mind. We understand if you feel more comfortable having your child with you during the service, but also welcome you to try out any of these options with your child when you are ready.


NURSERY, Helm 103 & 104

Birth to Age 3 

8:15 - 12:15PM

Nursery is available for children from birth up to age 3 each Sunday in Helm 103 & 104. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Michelle Dunlap at


Age 4 through Grade 3  


Children's Chapel is during the 11AM service. We gather at the back of the church before the service begins, process to Helm 101, and return during the peace and announcements portion of the service. Parents are always welcome. 

GODLY PLAY, Helm 2nd Floor

Age 3 through 5th Grade


On Sundays we use the "Godly Play" program.  Godly Play is based upon the recognition that children have an innate sense of the presence of God. This approach gives children space to explore that relationship with their hands, hearts, and minds in a way that enhances the child's authentic experience of God.  Learn more about Godly Play HERE or see it in action HERE.



Birth to Age 3 & Parents


Children and parents gather to enjoy music, play, and fellowship in an atmosphere of faith and fun. Questions? Contact Linda Robinson at

We would love to keep you up to date with what we have going on! 
If you would like to join the Cathedral Kids email list, or if you have any questions about what we do or getting involved, please email Elizabeth at

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