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Christ Church Bookstore

​Bookstore Hours

Sunday 9:30am - 11am


Tuesday 10am - 2pm

Wednesday 10am - 2pm

Thursday 10am - 2pm


Saturday CLOSED 


Additional hours of operation include special events such as Gallery Hops, Evensongs, and other community programs sponsored by the Cathedral. 

Christ Church Bookstore is an independent bookstore, is a diocesan ministry specializing in books, lectionary and liturgical resources, calendars, cards, music, jewelry, and gift items for Episcopalians and other liturgical Christians.   In addition to a variety of Bibles, and various editions of the Book of Common Prayer, the bookstore carries a wide range of books, for example, on theology, spirituality, prayer, the Episcopal faith, and even fiction.

The Christ Church Bookstore proudly carries Thistle Farms Home & Body products. These products are made by women survivors of trafficking, addiction and prostitution. Thistle Farms uses premium, natural ingredients in their home and body lines. Additionally, some Christ Church Bookstore gift items are consigned by parish members and include jewelry, stained glass, quilted items, pottery, and Episcopal rosaries.

As a diocesan ministry, Christ Church Bookstore needs your patronage and support.   Since the bookstore seeks to remain a viable ministry, special orders are welcomed and encouraged.   Volunteers are always needed. To place a special order, to volunteer, or to contact the bookstore call 859-252-8064 or email   

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