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Holy Week & Easter Services


Amazing music and powerful Holy Week and Easter messages

Celebrate the Resurrection

Sunday, April 4
Online at 10:00am

In Person at 8:00, 9:30 & 11:15am

(registration required)

"We are Easter people, and Alleluia is our song," cried St. Augustine. Christ has overcome death, and we are invited to see life anew.

Give thanks for the resurrection of Jesus. In the power of the Holy Spirit, raise us with Christ that we may proclaim healing and hope. God is making all things new.  


  • Rise with the sun and be filled with the light of Christ's new life.

  • Bring a bell on Easter Sunday to ring in the Resurrection!

  • Have an Easter meal. Invite and gather with family members and friends online or in person.

  • Post pictures on social media of your Easter celebrations! Tag the Cathedral and use the hashtags: #EasteratCCC, #alleluia, and #CCCforLex


In-Person Reception of Communion will be offered

12:30-1:00pm in the Cathedral or  Garden.


Registration, masks, and social distancing required for in-person services.

Easter Egg Hunt.jpg

Saturday, April 3

Old Episcopal Burying Ground

259 E Third Street

Easter Communion will be available. Masks and social distancing required.

Candy-filled egg donations are welcome!

Holy Week

HW Listen.jpg

The Passion of Jesus

Palm Sunday

Sunday, March 28

Online at 10:00am

In Person at 8:00 & 10:00am

(registration required)

Experience the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and hear the story of the passion through recordings of music and the dramatic scripture reading from past Cathedral Palm Sunday services.

  • Pick up your palm branches this week, Thursday and Friday, 10-4, or Saturday 10-12, then use this video to craft palm crosses at home.

  • Wave your palm branches and crosses and march around your neighborhood!

  • Post pictures on social media of your march. Tag the Cathedral and use the hashtags: #HolyWeekatCCC and #CCCforLex

The Three Sacred Days

Invite Jesus to join you for dinner

Maundy Thursday
Thursday, April 1

Online at 7:00pm

On the night before Jesus is arrested, he invites us to gather for a family meal. Jesus promises when we remember him that he is with us.


  • Prepare a simple meal.

  • Set an extra place at your table for Jesus.

  • Before we eat, we wash our hands. On the night before he's arrested, Jesus washes his friends' feet as a sign of love. Let's wash our hands or the hands of someone in our family as a sign of love.

  • After dinner, join the Prayer Watch with Jesus. Sign up here.

  • Post pictures on social media of your dinner and night with Jesus. Tag the Cathedral and use the hashtags: #HolyWeekatCCC and #CCCforLex

Draw Near to the Cross


Good Friday
Friday, April 2

Online & In Person at 12:05pm

(registration required for in person)

On the day we remember that Jesus gave his life for the world, the church is called to grieve and pray. We offer prayers for the whole human family. Because God's love this day is so great, and our need is so deep, these expansive prayers know no bounds.

  • Light a candle or a child-friendly electric or battery-operated candle.

  • Offer prayers for those we love but see no longer. Pray for our city. Pray for our world.

  • Support the ministries of the dioceses of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East by donating to the Good Friday Offering here.

  • Post pictures on social media of your prayers for the world God loves. Tag the Cathedral and use the hashtags: #HolyWeekatCCC and #CCCforLex

Registration, masks, and social distancing required for in-person services.

Celebrate Easter Eve


Easter Vigil
Saturday, April 3

Online at 8:00pm

Following the Great Sabbath, the church gathers to watch for signs of new life. On this night, Christ overcomes death. We move from death to life, from defeat to hope.


  • This is the night that enlightens the world with hope. Give thanks for the gift of baptism, for dying and rising with Christ to new life.

  • Get quiet. Breathe in, breathe out. Listen for earth breathing. Listen for signs of new life. Give thanks for rest, refreshment, and peace.

  • Color some alleluias, both children and adults, to post on your door or in your window for Easter. Download them here!

  • Post pictures on social media of ringing in the joy of Easter. Tag the Cathedral and use the hashtags: #HolyWeekatCCC, #EasteratCCC, and #CCCforLex

Easter Offering


As we move through Holy Week, your Cathedral clergy and staff are fully engaged in ministry. The pastoral care, outreach, worship, and formation ministries of the Cathedral are offering hope each day. Supporting the Cathedral ministries is as important as ever. Each year, our Easter Offering is an important part of our Holy Week observance. Though we are unable to make our Easter Offering in person, you can make your offering in any of these ways:

3 Ways to Give.jpg



How are in-person services offered?

We are limiting seating at in-person services and requiring masks and social distancing. Check out our FAQs for more information.

Is there ample parking available?

Yes! See below, or click here for more details on directions and parking.

Do I need to know anything about the Episcopal Church?

Absolutely not! We would love to have you join us for one of these unique services to introduce and welcome you to the world of the Episcopal Church.

How do I invite my friends and family?

Either tell them about or share the event(s) you are attending on Facebook. Add a personal message letting everyone know what you love about the Cathedral and its services.

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Parking passes are available at the Welcome Center.


Lots 1 and 2 are available to Cathedral parkers any time with an orange parking pass.

Lot 3 is available to Cathedral parkers on Sunday only.