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End-of-year giving

We want to make your year-end giving as easy as possible.

To comply with IRS guidelines, please note the following in order to claim your 2021 tax deduction:

  • All cash and check gifts must be received or postmarked on or before December 31.

  • Please think ahead for online gifts using, as these gifts can take up to seven days for processing.

  • If you choose to provide gifts of stock and securities to the Cathedral, it is important to initiate these transactions as soon as possible to make certain they are posted to our brokerage account by close of business on December 31.

  • Credit for 2022 pledges is gratefully accepted. Many parishioners prefer to give their pledge before year’s end to take the tax deduction early. Just make sure it is received by December 31.

We are eager to carry out your wishes,

so please help us create an end-of-year scenario that is joyful for one and all.

Should you require any assistance or need to provide instructions,

please contact Director of Operations and Finance,

Alan Roberts,

at 859-254-4497 ext. 120


Note: The administrative staff will be observing Monday, December 27 for the Christmas holiday.

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