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Vestry & Convention Deputy Election

How to Vote

The by-laws of Christ Church Cathedral provide:

  • Eligible voters are:  baptized, confirmed or received communicants 16 years or older; on the parish roll for at least 6 months; regular contributors to the support of the parish & who are not in arrears in their pledge.

  • Mail-in voting for parish elections may be authorized by the occurrence of circumstances preventing the annual meeting from being conducted at the Cathedral.

  • Completed mail-in ballots shall be mailed (postmarked) back to the Cathedral or placed in the Cathedral dropbox on or before the third Sunday of November.

Vestry Elections. Each eligible voter will vote for four Vestry members. The four with the most votes will begin their service in January.

Convention Deputy Nominees. Each eligible voter will vote for four Convention Deputies. The four with the most votes become Deputies.

Completed ballots must be placed in the Ballot Envelope, then placed in the enclosed return envelope, signed and mailed (postmarked) on or before November 15, 2020.

Current & Retiring Vestry Members

Your Current & Continuing Vestry Members
Lisle Dalton
Joel Fay
Robert Fugate
Tanya Graf
Matt Lutz
Grace Newsome
Sarah Sloan Reeves
Sheri Scott

Your Retiring Vestry Members

Richard Giles

David Jaquith

Tracey Meyers

Michael Miller

If you have any questions about voting, please contact Diane Milburn.